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Am I my own “person”?

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So I’m sitting here, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and there is a conversation between two of the characters – Cristina and Meredith.  They have just gone through a major tragedy, and as a coping mechanism, Cristina is running away from all of her loved ones.  She and Meredith have been best friends for years and have often referred to each other as their “person”, the one in life who they can depend on, their confidante.  Well, Meredith is not too happy about Cristina’s departure from reality, and her parting words are, “I was never your person.  You were always your own person.”

I wonder, am I my own person?  My faith would say otherwise, but as far as earthly creatures go, there have been more times than I care to recall when I felt like all I had was myself.  This is no plea for sympathy.  I’m no victim; I’m a survivor.  Sounds so cliché, I know.  I have truly marched to the beat of my own drum, my whole life.  This is through no fault of anyone in particular.  Just life running its course.  I am nothing but completely thankful for every teary-eyed moment, every poor choice, every hiccup along the way, because it was due to all of these occurrences that I have the three loves of my lives.  I am a stronger, less superficial woman because of those moments.

Tell me about your “person”.  Is it God, someone from your past or present, or is it you?