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Scandal in Review

Finally, we have a modern love story with a forbidden romance in primetime television.  Not just any forbidden romance, either.  The lead characters, Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant and Olivia Pope, have a taboo romance, because Fitz is the President of the US (married with children), and Olivia was a leader of his campaign staff.  Yes, we’ve seen many stories such as this, in reality.  No, I don’t condone such behavior; in fact, it is obviously much more enjoyable to watch a fantasy relationship such as this, than to witness it in real life.  Aside from that, Fitz is Caucasian and Olivia is African-American.  Yes, there have been movies and shows over the years that have delved into multi-cultural romance, but I don’t recall ever seeing such steamy scenes!  I suppose I live vicariously through these characters.  I am such a hopeless romantic.

The ABC show airs on Thursday nights at 9PM Central time, and it is in its second season.  The winter finale will air next Thursday night (December 13th).

This show is superb, in my opinion.  The show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes (also creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice), and its writers have done an awesome job.  Olivia Pope works in Crisis Management.  She is the ultimate fixer (along with her team of five, now four), solving major dilemmas that run the gamut, from helping a battered wife get away from her abusive husband (who just happens to be a major dictator), without losing custody of her children, to assisting a well-decorated serviceman when he is falsely accused of murdering his fiancé.  The character of Oliva Pope is loosely based on an actual job maintained by several individuals.  The racy spin that Rhimes and her writers put on this role makes for monumental primetime entertainment, indeed.

The script is so believable, yet it still allows the mind to wander enough for my liking.  After a long day that consists of dealing with the ordinary and sometimes mundane, it truly benefits my psyche to delve into such enthralling television.  This is a must-see!