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December Health and Fitness Challenge with Atlanta Mom of Three

To aid me in my quest for overall better health, I have just joined a challenge for the month of December that is spearheaded by Valerie of the Atlanta Mom of Three blog.  She is a pretty cool chica, full of great tips on balancing what could be a very hectic family life.

For the month of December, I am challenging myself to commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic/cardio activity, 5 days a week.  I choose to follow my Zumba/dance videos each day.  My playlist totals a little over 40 minutes, including the cooldown video.  I will also go walking with my children on the weekend.

Feel free to join Valerie’s December Challenge via the following link:  http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/december-health-fitness-challenge/.



Weight Loss Countdown

My goal is to get back down to my comfortable weight (50 pounds less) by my baby’s first birthday.  He just reached his half-birthday (go Nate!), so this is definitely doable.  The key to my success will be WILLPOWER.  Why did I key this word in all caps?  This has been a burr in my side for quite some time.  Sheer willpower will get you far, and I must be frank in saying that my health has fallen by the wayside, while I tend to the needs of others around me.  There is a short list of “others” who I am referring to (family and my job), but I know that it is imperative that I start taking my health seriously and get it together.

So where do I start?  Since I very well may be nursing through my deadline, I have to be careful about my diet.  As I stated in another post, I have successfully used juicing as a form of kick starting a weight loss plan, in the past.  This time around, I will have to incorporate a lot more protein and some complex carbs to keep my energy level up and provide adequate nourishment to myself and my little one.

Since I pump during my breaks at work, I won’t be able to work out while I’m there (my company has an in-house fitness center).  With that being said, I will have to devote some of my time at home to working out.  There are stairs in my home, and I am considering walking up and down them for 15 minutes every morning.  In a perfect world, I would also take a walk in the evening with the kids, but that just isn’t feasible or realistic at this time.  Each evening, I will pop in one of my workout DVDs and get some cardio in.

Regarding my eating habits…well, there is much to be desired in that area.  Nursing definitely creates an insatiable appetite, but I am fully aware that a healthy appetite doesn’t equal the need to indulge in sweets and extra starchy foods.  I said I am aware of this, right?  That’s where willpower is necessary.  I pray for self-control so I may meet the challenge at hand.  Amen!

I will provide weekly updates on my progress.  I have six months to work with, which is ample time to work on myself for a change.  If you would like to make some positive lifestyle changes and get into better shape, join me in this challenge.  Keep in mind that this is a personal challenge, one where your overall health is the ultimate prize!