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Sling Baby Cupcakes

Sling Baby Cupcakes (Photo credit: lasandri)

I love wearing my little guy!  I never knew there was a name for the way that many mothers carry their little ones.  I originally tried this with my 11 yr old, but she didn’t seem to like being too snug or tightly wrapped, so I aborted that plan, rather quickly.  Probably too quickly.  I tried again with my 5 yr old, and I don’t recall what happened there.  I believe, in both cases, the type of carrier was the main reason my attempts failed.  During my last pregnancy, I educated myself on the wonderful world of Babywearing and the many different types of wraps, carriers, and slings.  There is a type of carrier known in the Babywearing community as the “crotch dangler”.  This is a literal reference, indeed.  You know the type of carrier I am referring to.  It is the one in most superstores, with straps that clasp together.  The problem with this type of carrier is that the baby is usually front-facing and dangling by the crotch, rather than sitting; thus, the name “crotch dangler”.  There has been some concern regarding the front-facing carry not providing enough support to our precious babies’ bodies and providing overstimulation*.

I carry my baby in a wrap.  It is a very long piece of durable fabric with a slight stretch, doubled for additional support.  The fabric is then quadrupled when I fold it prior to placing my little one inside.  Time and time again, my little man will start out fussy, but within a few minutes of being placed in our wrap, literally, he is out like a light.  It is the most precious thing to watch!  The wrap is from Moby Wrap, who states that the wrap should be used when the baby is between 8 and 35 pounds.  There is plenty of back support, based on how one is instructed to wrap the fabric; however, I am sure that I won’t use this style of carrier past around 20 pounds.  My teeny tiny baby is only 15 pounds at 6 months old, and I am able to wear him for a couple of hours before I am aware of his weight.  I am only 5′ 3″.  I am sure that I will either look for a different type of carrier or maybe I will just wear my baby in a different way by the time he is around 20 pounds.  There are other “holds” suggested on the Moby Wrap site, such as the hip hold.  I will have to try it out, prior to jumping to another carrier. *The Boba Family site provides extensive details regarding the benefits of carrying our babies:  http://www.bobafamily.com/research/strollers-baby-carriers-and-infant-stress/.