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Isn’t it Ironic Thursdays

I am starting a new series for Thursdays called Isn’t it Ironic.  There are so many oxymorons throughout our daily lives that we could write a novel, right?  Let’s share them here.  Please submit all entries for this series to HurJurneeFeatures@gmail.com.

I’ll start.

My daughter was diagnosed with a moderate case of asthma at a very young age.  I would give her breathing treatments via a nebulizer machine on a regular basis.  On occasion, we would spend countless hours in an emergency room, when she was under the weather.  Fast forward to our move to one of the southernmost areas of the US, and she is breathing easy!  It has been unbelievable.

Wait, this is supposed to be about irony, right?  While my little girl was breathing with pristine lungs, my seasonal allergies turned into the annoying, unnerving kind.  You know what I’m talking about.  The kind of allergies that no amount of antihistamine can curb.  The kind of allergies that lead to sinus infections when they go unchecked for too long.  Then, the sinus infections are recurring, and no variation of antibiotics will cure them.  At this point, you see an ENT doc who says that you need surgery – not because he’s eager to cut and take your money.  It is due to the fact that you can’t breathe through your nose anymore, since your nasal cavity is so inflamed.  Boy, is the recovery from the surgery brutal.  You can breathe again, so it is all worth it.  At least that’s what you keep telling yourself.  Several months after the surgery, your body reminds you that sinus surgery impacts your sinuses, not your allergies.  So you decide to see an allergist and let the staff run the gamut of tests on you.  Everyone is amazed to see that you are allergic to absolutely every outdoor allergen known to man.  On top of that, you are allergic to dogs!  Severely.  Strange, since I had one in my home, as a teen.  Believe me, I have inadvertently tested the dog allergy out, and it is nothing to play around with!  I digress…

So there you have it.  Who’s next?  Submit your entry for Isn’t it Ironic Thursdays by 8pm on Wednesday, and I will post it on Thursday.  Please refrain from using profanity and any offensive language.  Thanks!