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Praise God it’s Monday (PGIM)!

The title says it all.  Of course, I praise Him for every day – that’s just what I do.  You can take my word for it, but I wouldPraise rather you try it yourself.  No matter what situation presents itself, you ought to praise Him through it.  My testimony is full of tests and challenges.  I mean, isn’t that what a testimony is all about?  As I create this post, I am thinking about the past week, rather than this day of the week.  Going forward, you will read my ‘praise report’ from the previous week.  I will aim to start the week off with one of these posts.  Heck, you may read a not-so-random post similar to this one on any given day, if the urge comes.

So here is the first PGIM post.

I’m so thankful for my children.  I was just telling a co-worker (who shall remain nameless, for the time being, although I would love for her to provide a guest post) that I don’t know where my mind would be if I didn’t have my children as the ultimate motivation.  I am sure they don’t even realize how most of my personal choices are in direct relation to them.  I am currently estranged from my husband.  While this is typically cause for sympathy and sadness, I am rejoicing and praising God for what he has in store for me.  I am keeping my eyes toward Heaven, for I truly know where all of my help comes from.  Times are especially tough right now, but I am the eternal optimist.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Do you?