Archive | December 2015

Musings of an Introvert

Sometimes, I feel like my life is a grand farce. Lately, I have heard from loved ones and friends that I have become quite the social butterfly, yet it doesn’t seem real to me. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy connecting with those closest to me, my “inner circle”. Honestly, even the concept of having an inner circle is somewhat lost on me. I can appreciate the value in having a tight-knit group of loved ones, but I am not wired to desire such a group.

I wonder why I’m like this. Is it completely absurd to enjoy solitude more than swarming with a flock?

I recall times from my childhood when I opted to skip around solo, rather than run behind that week’s leader of the pack. As an adult, I find myself only feeling like myself when I’m by myself….or with my best friend; which is another topic, altogether.

Back to this introverted life that I live. The irony comes when I am working. I have chosen (or God has given me) a career where I am constantly in direct contact with many people of varying career levels. Somehow, I thrive when it comes to training and speaking to large groups. I seek opportunities to do so!

Still, I often find solace within my own thoughts, while singing alone, even while baking or cooking for my family. Maybe it’s the Pisces in me…I must say that I’m truly one of a kind.