11 APRIL 2015, 08:30 AM

The rest of my life starts today. I am working on improving so many aspects of myself – I am in school, I seek leadership opportunities on the job, I attend mentoring and networking events, in order to expand my professional network, I will sit for my PMP exam this year, heck, I even scheduled consultation appointments to improve my smile. The one area that I have yet to truly commit to improve is my health. Yes, I have dieted off and on, I have purchased various workout tools, DVDs, fitness balls, hand weights, etc. Again, I have never fully committed to improving my health. When I lost some weight, about 9 years ago, I thought I had mastered the art of having the best of both worlds. I used the Weight Watchers point system, allowing myself to continue to eat the fast food that I craved, yet I literally worked out in the gym twice, 6 days a week! That is no way to live. For one thing, I am not able to go to a gym and work out right now, due to time and financial constraints. That’s not the only way to be active, though. Also, I cannot continue to eat fast food for convenience. My health is worth more than that.

Today, I stepped on a scale and it read – 213. Yes, that is my weight today. I have managed to pack on approximately 18 pounds in close to a year. Nothing major has happened, I just continued down a slippery slope of being lazy, inactive, and eating almost whatever I wanted. I have never been comfortable discussing my weight with anyone other than a doctor, yet I have become quite slick at concealing my problem areas in a way that cause many to believe that I weigh at least 20 pounds less than I really do. I’m over that nonsense. I’m at a point where I finally love myself enough to take better care of myself.

It starts today. It starts right now.



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