Archive | February 2015

Deep in Thought

My mind is always racing:  full of active, vivid images, constantly perusing my thoughts, replaying conversations, allowing myself to reenact pleasurable scenarios that I have recently experienced. I don’t know if it is my zodiac sign, birth order, or just the way that God made me. I was made to feel, made to love. I am not simply talking about being an emotional or sensitive person. I feel drawn to the effervescent energy that exudes from another. On the flip side, I am averse to all negativity. While some may be drawn to gossip and speculation, I run toward love and peace. My psyche is soothed by intellectual conversation. I am mentally stimulated by talk of history, world events, performing and visual arts, religion, and philosophy on life, in general. 

When I am lacking in external mental stimuli, I become an escape artist, of sorts. I escape to my mind. The entertaining imagination of a Piscean, I suppose.