Autumn Rambling

My outdoor allergies tell me that we have officially entered the season of Autumn/Fall. Being the grammarian that I am, I prefer the word Autumn, mainly for its unique connotation.

This summer was a season of revelation for me. As the temperature increased, so did my resolve. I was recently encouraged to write, for it is a passion of mine. I enjoy collecting my thoughts and expunging them in a creative manner. I take pride in plucking words that I have never uttered, from the deep corners of my mind, and using them to convey a message or express my thoughts and emotions.

Love always reigns supreme for me, being the hopeless romantic that I am. I don’t know how else to be. It has been interesting to recall the feelings that I had, as a teen, and identify the ones that are still so prevalent, today.

Right now, I feel so inspired to write. As an introvert, I can become a bundle of nerves, keeping all of my thoughts and emotions inside. Writing gives me such a feeling of release, allowing me to exhale all of my feelings.

It is truly harvest time for the songs that are orchestrated by my soul.



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