Eyes gazing, seeking direction, looking for answers to questions that have yet to be uttered. Are the answers unattainable? Who holds these answers? Are they hidden in the depths of our souls?

I see the warmth in your heart, through your smile. We converse with our eyes, speaking a secret, yet seemingly native tongue. I thought I, alone, held the key to my encrypted language. Then, I met you. From the day that our eyes met, I felt a mystic connection. Our eyes speak a language, full of words not known to man.

Often times, we take turns with our battle of nerves. I may turn away first, when your eyes seek the depths of mine. When we embrace, you are unable (or unwilling) to hold my gaze, most likely for fear of my cracking the code to unlock the gate to your heart.

Your eyes have betrayed your heart, for I see you, and I know you. If you hold the key to my heart, my soul, and my mind, what does it all mean? Would you allow another to penetrate your deepest, innermost thoughts and emotions, through the depths of your dark eyes?



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