What is this sound that courses through my soul until it springs from my lips? It is foreign to me. I have been visited by your cousin, she is a friend of mine. You are a stranger to me. This is pure laughter; the kind that can only be unleashed by a true friend. Have I not been brought to laughter before? Why, of course I have. This is different, though. In the past, I have literally peed my pants because I have laughed so hard, yet this is still different. This is the difference between happiness and joy. It is the difference between settling with contentment and then experiencing earth-shattering, soul-awakening, dream-come-true smiles, gazes, and unforgettable conversation.

How do I use sound? My day begins with the sound of my voice, reading my daily Word, followed by songs of praise. This is how I have chosen to enhance this sense. By starting each day like this, I am in such a positive frame of mind that my aura exudes enlightenment and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.



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