Poker Face

I’ve never been a poker player. Now don’t get me wrong, I have played electronic poker on a handheld device, I’ve even played online, but I have never sat at a table to play a live poker game. With that being said, I have not perfected the art of the “poker face”, nor do I have the desire to do so.

I am such an emotional person. I rarely make decisions solely based on my emotions, but my thoughts have a tendency to allow my emotional state (at any given moment) to saturate them with what I’m feeling, what my senses observe, what I would like to experience, what sparks my fancy…

Like I said, I’m a dreamer. I can close my eyes at any given moment and be taken back to my childhood, to fond memories that were few and far in between the ones I would like to forget. At this moment, I find myself recollecting current events of my daily life. I spent my childhood being instructed not to show emotion, because I was told to calm down, straighten up, pull it together. Today, I choose to live a life where I can do and say what I want, how I choose, with whomever I desire. As a Christian,  there are obviously boundaries that I have made a choice to live within. Beyond that, the sky is truly the limit. I have expressed my love of writing. When I experience emotional overload, I have to put the pen to the paper or in this case, I hit the WP app on my phone and get it out.

The poker face may be considered an art to some, but it’s lost on me.



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