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I can reflect on taste as an analogy, but I’d rather focus on the actual sense, as it was intended.  I love to bake, and not just the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter desserts.  I mean, I can whip up a quick cake or pan of brownie bars, in order to provide the perfect topper to a family meal; however, I prefer to bake exquisite, unique, phenomenally delectable desserts.  I love to watch people going for seconds more than I enjoy eating the desserts, myself.  I take pride in pleasing one’s sense of taste and elevating it to a new level.

To eat is a necessity, but to taste is to allow one’s palate to be entertained.





What is this sound that courses through my soul until it springs from my lips? It is foreign to me. I have been visited by your cousin, she is a friend of mine. You are a stranger to me. This is pure laughter; the kind that can only be unleashed by a true friend. Have I not been brought to laughter before? Why, of course I have. This is different, though. In the past, I have literally peed my pants because I have laughed so hard, yet this is still different. This is the difference between happiness and joy. It is the difference between settling with contentment and then experiencing earth-shattering, soul-awakening, dream-come-true smiles, gazes, and unforgettable conversation.

How do I use sound? My day begins with the sound of my voice, reading my daily Word, followed by songs of praise. This is how I have chosen to enhance this sense. By starting each day like this, I am in such a positive frame of mind that my aura exudes enlightenment and I am ready to take on whatever comes my way.



In the upcoming weeks, I will draft a series of posts on the senses. I will discuss each of the five senses – what they mean to me, how I strive to enhance each of them in my own life, as well as my observations of how others use them in their daily lives. I will also address what is known as the sixth sense – not ESP, but intuition – what it is and the benefits of being perceptive.

More to follow!


Poker Face

I’ve never been a poker player. Now don’t get me wrong, I have played electronic poker on a handheld device, I’ve even played online, but I have never sat at a table to play a live poker game. With that being said, I have not perfected the art of the “poker face”, nor do I have the desire to do so.

I am such an emotional person. I rarely make decisions solely based on my emotions, but my thoughts have a tendency to allow my emotional state (at any given moment) to saturate them with what I’m feeling, what my senses observe, what I would like to experience, what sparks my fancy…

Like I said, I’m a dreamer. I can close my eyes at any given moment and be taken back to my childhood, to fond memories that were few and far in between the ones I would like to forget. At this moment, I find myself recollecting current events of my daily life. I spent my childhood being instructed not to show emotion, because I was told to calm down, straighten up, pull it together. Today, I choose to live a life where I can do and say what I want, how I choose, with whomever I desire. As a Christian,  there are obviously boundaries that I have made a choice to live within. Beyond that, the sky is truly the limit. I have expressed my love of writing. When I experience emotional overload, I have to put the pen to the paper or in this case, I hit the WP app on my phone and get it out.

The poker face may be considered an art to some, but it’s lost on me.