Archive | July 2014

Soul Ties

What does it mean to have a soul tie with someone? Is it possible to experience a soul tie to more than one person in a lifetime? I believe that God places people in our lives for different reasons, from our parents and children, to life-long, platonic friendships, to our significant others. Let’s focus on intimate relationships.

I have loved, yet I understand the spiritual concept of being unequally yoked with someone. This is the term that is applied to people who aren’t spiritually in sync with each other. I know how it feels to sense that you have a connection to someone and mistake it for the love that will last a lifetime. I want to feel the agape love that the Bible speaks of, that kind of unconditional love that one can only liken to the love that God has for us all. I look forward to connecting on a deeper level with a true life partner. I envision companionship that is full of gazes from across the room and long walks while holding hands, not only breakfast in bed, but meals in tropical locales. Smiling from within, while reminiscing about sleepless nights full of more love that was made. Creating family traditions to pass down to the generations to come.