Scandal is Back!

Who is looking forward to the return of ABC’s hit show, Scandal, on February 27th?  I don’t really have a vice, per se, but if I had to claim a guilty pleasure, it would be several shows on primetime television.  Scandal is at the top of my “must-watch” list.  This is the show that basically taps into some of our innermost desires – hell, I’ll claim those desires.  I like to live vicariously through these fictional (and other less fictional) characters, if just for 40+ minutes each week.  My daily life is so vanilla that it is refreshing to be a fly on the wall of Shonda Rhimes’ Oval office.  Maybe the show attracts the voyeuristic side of me that likes to watch things that I would never allow myself to partake in.  I find myself taken aback, yet too intrigued to look away.  I could go on and on!



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