Gone, but Not Forgotten

The past eighteen months have brought many twists and turns in this life that I live, but nothing compares to the loss of a loved one.  As the eldest granddaughter, I have many memories of time spent with my Nana, Flora Brooks.  From teaching me how to crochet, play cards and backgammon, to introducing me to very large jigsaw puzzles and soap operas (gotta love The Young and the Restless), the time we shared is priceless to me.  I love you, and I will never forget all of the wisdom that you imparted on me, even forty-eight hours prior to moving on.

You were fly, sassy, and chic.  You pulled no punches; you completely owned your flaws and stood strong, as a single mother and loving grandmother.  You always had my back, and I will forever be grateful to you.

Nana, you may be gone from this world, but I will see you in paradise.  You’ll never be forgotten.



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