Patience is a Virtue

As I enter another year, God willing, I have been reminded that patience is a virtue.

I have always been an impatient person.  As a child, whenever I tried to rush things along, my father would simply say, “Remember, patience is a virtue.”  That statement frustrated me to no end!  As a mother, I have become quite patient in most situations with my children, with the operative word being most.  I used to be such an impatient driver, but having children in the car with me has nipped that in the bud, and rightfully so.

In relationships, I have been impatient with love.  When I love a man, my love knows no limits.  It is far-reaching, constant, and unconditional.  I can’t turn it on and off; however, I have mentioned that I can stow it away in a box, when necessary.  Here I am, “in my feelings”, as my love interest would say, and I’m finding myself at a loss for words.  Simply put – I’m feeling so very impatient, at the present time.  When I love, I want to proclaim it.

Yet, here I am, being reminded that patience is a virtue.  Lord, bless me with the wisdom to know how to hold my peace, bridle my tongue, and sit tight while You bless me.



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