Naturally Optimistic ~ Chapter 1

I am truly an eternally optimistic person.  We are all our worst critics, I know, but I must say that I can be optimistic to a fault, at times.

Case in point:  I have some health issues that are limbo now, and I am cautiously prayerful and optimistic that God will get me through this rough patch and all will be well, in the end. ~~~ Praise report:  I have been cleared of the bad report that was pending, and I am so very thankful!!

On the flip side, I am kicking myself for being optimistic about a relationship that died long ago, due to immaturity and lack of focus on both our parts.  Why?  Well, that’s where the hopeless romantic in me comes into play.

You see, I am not only your run of the mill, glass half-full optimist.  I am a hopelessly, hopeless romantic.  Did I say hopeless?  I have been blessed with this innate quality (since I was a very young girl) of loving the unlovable, missing the unworthy, and trusting the sketchy.

Now that I’m full-grown, I have been blessed with wisdom and patience, among other qualities.  In hindsight, I wonder if one of the reasons why my last two relationships were unsuccessful is because of the secret that I hold deep in the pit of my heart.  I have found myself telling a girlfriend that I haven’t truly experienced love, at least not in the appropriate sense of the word.  I now know that, as dysfunctional as it was at the time, I have been loved and felt love for a man, only once.  I have uttered those three little words to several, but I am certain that I have only felt it once.  Of course, I have crushed on a few, been infatuated on occasion, and even lusted after one or two.  True love, though, is few and far between. 

Am I really saying this?  Even though it has taken me a whole week to finalize this post, I must admit that full disclosure comes so easy when you can hide behind a computer monitor.  Now, ask me if I am ready to admit this to my lover??  Not quite.

To be continued…



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