Natural Detoxification

Today marks day 1 of my detox.  Depending on how my body responds, I may detox for the next week (12/17 – 12/23).  I will drink my detox tea 3 times a day, along with a cup of broth in the morning, mid-day, and in the evening.  I will also drink water throughout the day.  Since I am not able to stay home throughout this detox (as some die-hard advocates of quarterly and annual detoxification are subject to do), I will eat baked fish with my evening cup of broth.  I still need to have enough energy to function!

Last night, I purchased some herbal tea (EveryDay Detox; Traditional Medicinals) from the grocery store.  In the past, I have tried detox pills and teas.  Both seem to do the trick aka Project Clean.  One specific tea that I have tried works too well for my liking.  I will only return to that one to get rid of bloating or clean me out when I have a gathering to attend within several days.  It works that well.

I haven’t tried this specific detox tea before, but I have read very good reviews online.  The manufacturer recommends drinking 2-3 cups of this tea daily for up to 6 weeks, with a one-week break before consuming it again.

Here are the ingredients:

Roasted organic chicory root

Roasted organic dandelion root

Schisandra fruit dry extract

Organic schisandra fruit

Organic lycium fruit dry extract

A proprietary blend of the following:  organic licorice root, organic ginger rhizome, organic star anise fruit, and organic kukicha twig

I will have to do my research on the effects that these ingredients have on our digestive system.  As this is a reputable manufacturer and my faith lies in God, I’m taking the leap!!  Mama’s gotta get this body back in tip-top shape!!



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