Naturally Me Series

You will start to notice that a lot of my posts will follow the mantra that I originally intended ~ my journey to all things natural.  I will put numerous spins on the word natural.  These posts will kick off a new Naturally Me series as I embark on a quest to conquer my vices and find out what makes me who I really am.  What are my passions and ideologies?  As a 30-something year old mother of three, there is no better time than the present to delve into what makes me tick and how I can become a better me.  I am all about reflection at the present time.  I have literally spent my whole life, from as far back as I can remember, constantly mindful of how my actions will affect everyone around me.  This could be considered an honorable quality, but it has been a burr in my side for many years.  I have let opportunities pass me by, because someone asked me not to make a certain choice or told me that they knew it wasn’t the right choice for me.  In retrospect, I know that all of the decisions that I have made in my life have built character and helped me to become the woman I am today; however, I am determined to begin living for me.

There are some holistic things that I would like to try (yoga, Ayurvedic remedies, etc), as well.



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