Praise God it’s Monday (PGIM)!

I welcome another week and all of the challenges that come with it.  Times are tough and the tides keep rolling, but God always keeps me afloat.  I have started using my time in the lactation room at work (I’m a proud, pumping mama) to praise God and pray for others.  It really gives me a new lease on life, and I feel so much more at peace with myself, once I’m finished.  I just started doing this last week, and I find joy in doing so.  It really is easy to get caught up in the dalliances of life and forget where we came from, you know?  We hear people mention this with regard to celebrities or wealthy individuals forgetting their pre-wealthy life, but let’s look at it in a spiritual sense.  It would be very shallow and imprudent of me to ever walk around and act as if I have acquired any knowledge or worldly treasures through an act of my own.  I know the true source of all of the joy, peace, grace, and mercy that has been given to me.  I know.



2 thoughts on “Praise God it’s Monday (PGIM)!

  1. Nita, I love how humble you are. And it’s so special that you are using that time of pumping for such a wonderful reason-time with the Lord! What a blessing-thanks for sharing!

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