Are we what we eat?

Update: one week in, and it has been tough! Willpower hasn’t been very strong, but He who lives within me is much stronger than all of the temptation that I have given in to. I have been drinking a lot more water, and I have cut back on carbs, but not by much. I’m down but not out!

Hur Jurnee

My goodness, I hope not!  I have been a vegetarian (no red meat, poultry, or seafood), pescatarian (no red meat or poultry), non-red meat-eater, and full-on carnivore at various times throughout my life.  Presently, I am contemplating eliminating poultry from my diet again.  I haven’t eaten red meat in 16 years.  In the first few years after making that choice (which was rather easy, as I’ve never been hog-wild over red meat, pun intended), I decided that I would kick poultry to the curb, as well.  I found the lack of chicken in my diet to be the most difficult aspect.  I had become very adept at concocting the most delectable chicken meals, at least in my humble opinion.  This lasted all of 2 years, at which time I dove into all of the chicken and turkey I could find!

This time around, I feel the same way I felt over 15…

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